What does it take to release this powerful chemical that enables super human strength? …….Why do we have this ability? It is at its essence, a protective measure. Our bodies way of preparing for danger and making sure we have the strength to escape from it. At least …that was its intended purpose."
The Golf GTI has been built with this strength. Every part of its history embeds this attitude of overcoming the expectations of a hatch back. Forget about redefining a category, the GTI invented its own. For years others have tried to imitate this success but to no avail. The entire world knows that when the Next GTI is released so is the next bench mark. And that time is now. If history tells us anything about what’s next? Then you better watch out because the one who started it all …. Is back.

Concept/Direction - Kaism, Jason Kirby
EP - Jason Kirby
Producer - Yinchen, Xudong
Film Direction - Kaism
Crew - Bokang, Xiaolei, Liuxing, Quinn
Art Director - Lockyi
Lead Animator - DB Gao, Lockyi, Anqi
Animator - Yoong, Derrick, Guojing
3D - Lulu, XiaoXiao, Abdu
Done at DMG
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