This was one of the hardest production in my career. Dealing with multiple location and setup in 4 days was a logistic nightmare. A part from that, setting up 7 days scenario with big weather changes day and night. Night scene was -2c and daytime about 9-12c in Shanghai, many of our crew got fever and keeping the kids stay warm at different locations was big challenge. Really appreciate all the hard work from our crew especially the art department.

Director - Kaism
E.Producer / Asst Director / Drone Pilot - Jason Kirby
1st AD - Daniel Zhao
DOP - Jimmy, Ken
Art Director - Heather, An Qi
Producers - Theo, Yubo, Ricky, Sam, Penny
Agency Creative Director - Bruno, Dapeng, Tree
Editor - Xiao Fan
Shot with RED Epic

Dir's Cut

Client / Agency Version

Screen Shots
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